Sonja Truhn

Sonja TruhnHappy Money

It’s always about what’s inside you because it’s inside me too.

I want to invite you and show you, how you get into your own inner garden of paradise! This garden is not being dominated by the greedy “spirit of money” but is being guarded by the kind “guardian of money”! He secures for you everything that you need to live.

But you will only reach this garden if you have the courage to go your way in the midst of the world and the storms of life – in your present society – and to transform them into love – and the spirit of money is also part of it!
You can only have EVERYTHING here in paradise on earth – or you get lost in nothing and live without a soul.

There are always two sides to the coin here on earth, so also two sides to gold. Also, the “money-taler” has a dark and a light side; a rough and a tender one. One side of the taler carries the number which also determines your flow of money (and for each one it is a different one, because one needs more, the other one less); the other side always carries your own true face in this world. Both are in balance.
You decide whether your coins are “lucky coins”. Because only happy money can make you happy!

On the other hand, unhappy money like “Pechtaler” will sooner or later drive you into misfortune – the more you have of it, the greater then also your suffering.
I will show you how to turn the money you get and also the money you pay into happy money.

Are you willing to jump also into the shadow with me for this? Then the blessing of “Frau Holle” can shower you like in a fairy tale.

In my seminars and individual offers I show you how to discover your own “inner magic wand”. With it your view will change and with it also your world.

Sonja Truhn has been telling “stories in and with nature” for adults and for children since 2001. She trains storytellers; designs healing spaces and exhibitions and makes tree videos. Besides seminars she also offers individual sessions: Nature coaching, healing channelings and “inner image journeys”.