We’d love to have you on board as a mentor or supporter of taking our message to the world and leading people into prosperity.
The first step is to become a Member of our association. With CHF 80,– annual you are part of it. In return, you will receive one coaching session from a mentor of your choice of our LIVE school.
You become Family-Member if you would like to donate CHF 240,– annual to our school. In return, you will receive a donation receipt and three coaching lessons of your choice.
And among the Sponsors we count companies as well as foundations. They receive one day workshop pro bono.

What is your benefit? We support you in your healing and consciousness process.
Result: You and your family and your employees will live balanced lives.

Our Bank account:
Freie Gemeinschaftsbank, Basel
Konto: Die LEBENS- und GELD-Schule e.V.
IBAN: CH79 0839 2000 1593 1330 9